"It Takes A Community"

Omega Home Network

Fostering End-of-Life Care Homes

 The Omega Home Network is a non-profit national membership organization that promotes the development and expansion of community homes for dying people. Through information sharing, consultation and educational offerings, we provide direct assistance to those developing and operating homes in their communities.  


With the growing caregiver crisis in end-of-life care and the inadequate resources of the health care system, Omega Homes have emerged as havens of comfort, peace and support for people in need who are dying. These homes are known informally and collectively by many different names, including Social Model Hospice Homes, Comfort Care Homes, and Homes for the Dying.

What's an Omega Home? It's a home that's:

  • designed for and totally focused on non-medical care at the end of life
  • independent and a freestanding 501c3 nonprofit organization
  • in a collaborative working relationship with the resident’s hospice (medical) care team
  • not a hospital, nursing home, hospice, or medical facility
  • funded by community and family support
  • staffed by volunteers and/or paid caregivers who are considered “extended family”
  • complementary and not duplicative to what already exists in the community
  • created by the local community for the local community
  • reflective of the spirit of the people and the culture of the local community
  • inclusive and open to all people, according to local regulations
  • simply “home and family” and carries the heart of everything that means

Our innovative model of non-medical care in a community home offers a comfort-based, person-centered home-away-from-home for people in the last months and days of life. Varying in size, appearance and internal policies, yet sharing a common foundation and philosophy, there are currently 100+ open or developing Omega homes located in multiple states across the US.