"It Takes A Community"

Is NCCH Right for Me?

What is the Newaygo County Compassion Home?

A place where people with a terminal illness can receive end of life care in a home-like setting, provided by trained loving volunteers and staff who deliver personal care as well as physical, emotional, and spiritual support for our guest and their families round-the-clock. Care provided is generally short-term for those who are dying.

Who is eligible to live at Compassion Home?

Anyone with a terminal diagnosis, under Hospice care, particularly in the last 2-3 months of life. Priority is given to those in greatest need.

  • Life expectancy hours up to 12 weeks
  • Comfort focused care
  • Do Not Resuscitate/Allow Natural Death Status
  • Enrolled in a local medical hospice program

Who might use it?

Anyone can be a guest. We do not discriminate, and welcome those who have limitations, inadequate support, or a lack of resources. Family members will continue to be a part of providing care in a cooperative effort with the staff and their hospice provider. We believe that every moment matters and strive to provide comfort and support while respecting your dignity.

What does it cost?

Free. Our operations rely on donations from the community. Interested in supporting the Compassion Home? Call (231) 750-0872 or refer to donation section of the Compassion Homes website. We are a 501(c)3 public charity and are funded entirely by donation. We do not bill Medicare, private insurance or individuals.

What is the House like?

It is no different than any other home, and is set in a quiet neighborhood in Fremont, Michigan. Four private rooms are available as well as a chapel, family kitchen, living room, bathroom and a large porch and walking distance to the many attraction in Newaygo County.  Amenities include a stocked kitchen, TV, computers, laundry, handicap ramp, beds for guest and family members, and more.