"It Takes A Community"

About Us

The Newaygo County Compassion Home is a place where people with a terminal illness can receive end of life care in a home-like setting, provided by trained loving volunteers and staff who deliver personal care as well as physical, emotional, and spiritual support for our guests and their families round-the-clock.  

Hospice Care

The Compassion Home does not replace traditional Hospice Services; it works in collaboration with the local Hospice Service.  The Hospice Agency sets the plan of care exactly as it would if the client were staying in their home and provides the same services.  Placement in the Compassion Home will be a collaborative decision between the Hospice client, the Hospice Agency and the Compassion Home.  


The Compassion Home does not charge for the services it provides to our guests and families. The Compassion Home staff and volunteers are an extension of the guest’s family. 

All people are welcome in the Compassion Home, there is no discrimination.  

Caring for the dying is not discussed or taught in our society; therefore many people are fearful of this natural process. One goal of the Compassion Home is to decrease the fear by educating the community about end of life care. Volunteers will be trained to maintain confidentiality, maintain an attitude of acceptance, provide a sense of hopefulness, the art of listening and respect of the process of dying.