"It Takes A Community"

Referrals and Costs?

Who can Refer?

The potential guest, family member, or Hospice Agency can contact us directly. If you are not already affiliated with a hospice agency, we will provide you with a list of agencies, because each guest must be working with Hospice before being considered by the Compassion Home. The guest and their family will then meet with the Executive Director and Staff, to make arrangements for their stay at the Compassion Home.

A simple phone call starts the process. We accept referrals directly from hospice staff, doctors and hospitals. If individuals in need, family members we can provide a list of hospice agency you can contact. Once a referral is made by the hospice you will be working with, we gather medical information from your hospice and determine if we can meet your needs. If criteria is met we set up a home visit to talk with the potential guest and their family or care providers.

Two required criteria to be eligible to stay at the Compassion Home.

1. Must be signed on with a local hospice organization.

2. A DNR (Do not resuscitate) must be signed and on file.

We encourage potential guest, families and friends to visit the Compassion Home during daylight hours. Please call 231-750-0872 or the Home at 231-335-2625 to schedule a time that works for you.

Once mutually agreed that Compassion Home is the right choice for you, a bedroom will be offered as soon as available. Your hospice will arrange for your transportation to Compassion Home. The Compassion Home is self-sustainable and has all equipment our quest may need. If we do not , your hospice provider will make sure it is at the home before guest arrive.

What Are The Costs?

All Newaygo County Compassion Home services are provided free of charge.

We are a 501(c)3 public charity and are funded entirely by donation. We do not bill Medicare, private insurance or individuals.